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 Air Force Blue

To day is my seventieth birthday…
How many more?
Only God can say?

It all started on the twenty sixth
day of April in the year Nineteen
Thirty Three.

Three years later an orphan I was to be,
but the years finally passed and a young
man I became at last.

I couldn't wait to join the greatest
Air Force in the world.

Seventeen years I served.
Then one cold, wet night in a
far of place called; Vietnam,
my dreams stopped in one quick flight.

And to this day, I can remember those
young men who severed with me in that
war torn jungle land far, far away.

The years have quickly melted into this day,
and life has been good to me,
I'll have to say.

Regrets, I have few…
for you see,
I proudly wore the United States Air Force blue!
Jackie R. Kays

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