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 From the Heart Through the Pen

You're the only one, cause I don't trust these...
........There may not be another way to your heart
...Better find a new way in...

She told me wait until I see her smile

Doesn't she understand that's the reason for my existence

Does she still not understand her worth

Well how about these words...

Baby, you (still) should let me love...

They led me to the real her

Mr. Hey Yo You taught me a valuable lesson 

Back when we were listening to CD players

But was it too late...


Plugging and playing lines from various drafts 

Wanting to create the perfect masterpiece 

Display my craft at its best 

Told you before about asking previous renters 

If they wanted to renew their leases

Though there was this one time I had this one owner 

Now the more I mature the more I realize

I cannot keep passing this around as a loaner

So how do I get back to her

Food for thought as I close my eyes


Imagining just How Beautiful You (still) Are

I'm not satisfied with just the surface

I gotta see beneath your perfect

Still not a regret

Still determined with purpose


They say music helps you escape time

So I let you go

Before Lyfe could even speak sense into me

2012 writes led me to a 2014 playlist

Yet in 2016 to reminisce still costs fees

I may finally start to live out my ultimate wish
Must Be Nice 

But I must confess

I told my ex she was my favorite

An experiment like 

How it took Losing You to Finding You

I apologize...it's not the same but

There's a time when you can speak things into existence

Dependent upon your persistence


It might explain you out of the blue

The ink of your name tattooed

I'm talking Impressed upon my heart 

Deep runs its ink 

Almost as deep as our love to our souls 

That just may be called destiny

Seriously...could it be...don't you think


I digress

Memories of you feed my thoughts

Fueling my heart

Yet you're still abstract

I continue to wander lost from 

So many years ago 

But still...if time was on my side

I would've came back

Now you've returned 

Fear clouds my judgement

Leading me to be eccentric

...I never claimed normalcy though

Began to realize this around year six

Tried getting out of this circle

But like a rubik's I can't solve it 


Scared True Beauty could actually want me

Especially if I'm in love with her

Causing me to wanderlust

Especially if she shares the same identity as I 

Meaning looking into this object admiring what it reflects

Staring...thinking...could this be...


In case you're guessing 

Let me make this no longer a question 

These (I'm talking all encompassing) have always been About You

You're my loves' foundation 

As it flows FHTP
It's pulse

My hearts' gravitational pull

I've known from the beginning 

And I promise you're my meant to be

Only question left is 

When will you have me

¥☼MOI☼¥  6 Apr 16

The only who'd I let 
Tear me apart and do it again tomorrow
I'll let you drive me krazy for another...

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