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The Final Goodbye

You knew it was coming for you and wish it wouldn't come true,

What must be done will leave you devastated and 50 shades of blue.

Time has ran its course,

Its like nothing you ever felt this strong and powerful force,

There are some things that you need to learn and lessons to be reinforced.

The things that have been done,

You need to pay for them one by one.

Not by my hand or even my heart,

I am going to use my head to rip you apart…

In a beautiful way so you can learn the ultimate lesson,

So your ego can die and you can get your blessing.

I know you are tired and you try,

Forever wanting to be seen as the unshakable tough guy.

You are in your head too much,

You take for granted what it means to feel a soft touch.

You allow your pride to rule by your side,

When that certainly needs to dye and learn how to take life in stride,

And grow with  a Queen that is more than qualified.

The truth you need to swallow it, digest it…

Stop being a little misfit!

Your unhappiness is clearly evident,

How did you become so arrogant?

To your lower issues that stab away,

Has made you to become a tall and thick prey,

Do you like watching yourself deteriorate and slowly decay?

There is no more help that can be given,

When do you feel that you will be ready to be forgiven?

The goodbye…was already set in motion,

When the bs came and started a fiery commotion…

Of broken hearts, lies, and half-truths…

You came off so uncouth,

No wisdom and the only evidence was just a tooth.

The final goodbye has certainly been presented,

And to a much greater extent,

I gave it my humble attention and consent,

Because  the trust smelled like foul fraudulent intent,

And the ONE who sent you...you sadly did not represent.

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