Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


I remember that gray , stormy day
it was the last time I saw you
The rain pouring down
with no end in sight
I felt the clouds crying
as my heart was dying
The cold and the damp
the complete loneliness......
they numbed me to my core
for my world had ended
'cause you were no more
I remember tucking you into
that dark shiny box
Putting your pillow pet
'neath your brown pretty hair
Your lovely face colored up
with the hue of the fair
I took your little cold hands
I placed in them a black rose
for You always loved goth
and gone were your woes
Then I kissed you good-bye
and closed up the lid
I sat by your side
as you took your last ride
I watched from a distance
as they laid you to rest.....
And I swear when you died
 it was like the sky cried


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