Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


I ask for one more autumn
for one more time to see the leaves
The reds the golds and oranges
The smell of pumpkins in the breeze
The beautiful firery sun light
And the awesome copper skies
I just want to return there one more time
Before my mem'rys die
I would walk along the cold stones
I would stroll beside the tombs
I would remember all the old times
When our love was still in bloom
The times when you were with me
The times when we were friends
The times when we were lovers
The times before the end
All those rainy days and chilly nights
It was so simple yet profound
We camped inside the forrests
With star light all around
Now I long to hear your loving voice
I miss that pretty sound......
So I ask for one more autumn
Some more time to hang around
I want to remember how it was
I want the aswers why
I want a little closure now
Before I say goodbye
I want to see your grave once more
To place my hand upon
Your silent marble tombstone
Before my time is gone
So again I ask for autumn
And I sing your favorite song
I bid farewell to you again
I now I know I can go on

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