Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


He sat there watching her
Breathing her very essence
Feeling the pulse of her blood
Observing the pale of her skin
The tint of her teal eyes in the moonlight
He felt frozen in time
Unable to touch her
Unable to love her
For she was a mortal and he was a darkling
She could never know his true heart
She could never come close
His alabaster skin glowed in the shadows
His beautiful amethyst eyes she could never see
Yet how could he just watch her?
How could he just let her slip away?
He longed to be with her
But he knew it could never be
She would always be out of his reach
How could he have fallen for her?
How could he be so stupid
His love for her was forbidden
She could never know of him
Never be with him
She would never love him
His desire for her would never be known
But maybe it was better this way
She would live her life unaware
And he would love her
For as long as she lived
                                         SIMI & SARAH Goldblatt

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