Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


I was magnificent
Beautiful and Holy!
I was awesome
None could surpass me
I had no other equals
I was His favorite
His bearer of light!
My life was a joy
Absolute sheer delight
I was content to bask in His glow
To give back to Him
The love He gave just to me
Everything was... okay
Perfectly fine...
Until…...He was created!
That object of my masters desire
That puny little human made in His likeness!
He loved to walk with him
And talk with him in the cool of the day
I became a nobody, an angel unloved
His attention was always on Adam
That stupid human
He even had the gaul to give him “free will”
Why......wasn't I enough to hold His affections?
Wasn't I better than all other angels?
Well wasn't I?
After all I was His light bearer
His angel of music...
But no, it was always about Adam
About what he had done
Why did He have to create him?
I should have been enough for my Maker........
I know I'll get Him back
I'll fix that human
That wretched little beast that's stolen my glory!
I'll teach him a lesson he won't soon forget!
I'll trick him into disobeying my father
He'll have no chance of regaining His love
I will be the one that's important
My master will hate Adam
He'll cast him aside and return just to me!
This human will learn that he can't compare
I will strip him of everything!
My plan will make me the victor
It will restore the love stolen from me
My father will see his mistake!
I will cause Adam to fall from His favor
He'll be left all alone to feel the pain he's caused me
I will plague all his thoughts I'll turn him away from my fathers love
There won't be a thought that I won't control
My Maker will see that only I can be trusted
I'll make Him pay for what he's done to me!
I was the brightest star in the heavens!
The most loved angel in all creation!
And I will be again!
Once the human is dead everything will return.............
Back to the way it was meant to be
I'll destroy Adam I'll take my masters pure love for him
I'll take his place!
My father will make me his most cherished angel
And the human will fade from existence!
No one will remember him once I am finished
But if I fail........and my father still loves him?
Then I'll be like a sickness
I'll cause to my master the same pain he's is inflicted on me!
I'll make the Adam soul as dark as the pit forever and ever!
He'll never know light
The light of YAH'S love
It will be as if YAH never existed for him
Then he'll turn from his love
He'll reject His commands
I'll rule him instead
With a strong fist of iron
His love will be mine because my fathers wasn't
I will have my revenge.........................
I'll make him suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Simi & Sarah Goldblatt        Friday (8/27/2010)

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