Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


I should've put her down
I should've been stronger
I should not been so weakened
She was counting on me
She never wanted this
She never wanted this type of ending
She was counting on me
She was my only world
In the end it only took an instant
One moment of hesitation........
She was in the house
Upstairs to be precise
That's when they surrounded us
That was the beginning of her end
I was soposed to protect her
I was soposed to keep her safe
She was relying on me to be there
To come to her rescue when she called me
But it didn't go down like that
How was I to know that?
How was I to know.......?
I thought the house was cleared
I thought the house was safe
I went to the cellar
I was trying to find a shovel
I was going to bury her mother
They had attacked the night before
That's when I heard the scream
Her distinctive sound
It was like a razor to my heart
I broke out in a run
I tried to climb the stairs
But they were all around me
I couldn't reach the steps
I couldn't save my Sarah......
She was trying to fight them off
Trying to break free of there hellish grasp
I was hack n crackin downstairs
I was getting to the top
I was finally making headway
Then I heard her yell
But it was a different kind of sound
A sound of desperation
Her last cry while being human
I never made it to the upstairs
I never made it to her side
I never saw her features turn
I never said good bye


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