Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


She said she'd protect me
That I would be safe with her
She said the house was empty
That we would be ok
She told me to go upstairs and pick out a room
To stay in for the night
Then she went to check the cellar
I was so tired I didn't think to be quiet
I trusted her
She had always kept me safe
As I walked up the stairs I felt the sadness
creeping into my consciousness
Just days before we had lost my mother
I still hadn't quite accepted it yet
I walked into the first bedroom I came to and froze
Inside were 4 walkers
They saw me and in seconds were after me
I screamed for her but it was to late
She was to far away to save me
I was doomed
I tried to run but they grabbed me
And a second later I felt their teeth
penetrate and tear at my skin
My shrieks became something different
As they consumed my flesh
I could here her as she fought them
But I knew after they were dead
I would follow them into that darkness
There was no way to save me
I was already starting to “turn”
I could feel the infection eating away at who I was
(My last image was of her face leaning over me
tears on her face and a look of guilt and immense sadness)
Then I blacked out
The next time I opened my eyes………
I would have joined the ranks of the undead

                              Sarah Goldblatt


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