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Your Time

The day I heard that you were sick
My first thought was it can't be true
You were so young and vibrant
It wasn't possible for something like this to happen to you

They explained that it was true and that you were in for a fight
I cried and held your hand when I came to visit
I didn't realize that I was supposed to be the strong one
All I knew was that I couldn't bear to lose you

You fought with passion and a strength I never knew was in you
It was heartbreaking watching you struggle for your life
We had been sister's forever
And now the doctors said that it was time to let you go

I was so angry with everyone who said their goodbyes
They were giving up hope
I didn't understand how they could just let you die
You meant everything to me

The night you left my world forever I was with you
I still thought that there would be some way to save you
I hated you when you took your last breathe
You left me all alone and gave up

I still can't understand why you had to be taken home to heaven at the tender age of 12
But I know that you didn't give up
Your body gave out even when you wanted to stay
It wasn't your fault
And I know now your at peace and feel no more pain

I'm sorry I blamed you for something you had no control over
I'm sorry I missed your funeral
And I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise
Please forgive me little sister

Sarah Goldblatt      10/14/2011

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Your Time

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