Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


Sitting on the swing under the oak tree where we used to play I wonder why.
We had run through this yard laughing with no cares in the world.
We had talked through our heart breaks while sitting in this very swing
The leaves fell and the snow coated the ground below our feet.
So many memories were created in this one place
Its because of them that my mind cant grasp why this had to happen
Why did u have to go, why couldn't you stay with me
We always said we'd grow old and gray together
That our children would sit on this very swing just as we had
I had held you to that promise till the very end
I don't understand why god felt the need to take you away from me
We were the best of friends
You were the humanitarian and I was the rebel
Why is it you that must now fade into time
It should have been me
I was the one who had things to make amends for
You were like a saint
Its not fair that you were taken from me
Without you I don't know what to do
I visit the places that meant the most to us
Like this old swing and the secret hide out in the caves
But nothing I do can stop my mind from forgetting things about you
I don't want to forget anything but I am
No matter how hard I hold on to you
You still manage to slip through my grasp.
Why did it have to be you
Why couldn't I go with you
If I had I wouldn't feel this pain and anger
I wish that I had been with you
If I could I would have never let you leave me
I would have held onto you
Disappearing into oblivion at the same moment you drifted off for the last time
That one moment is the moment that will always haunt me because I made the wrong choice
I should have died with you
Instead I'm stuck here living a life I no longer have any desire to live
I'm left here missing you
Regretting every breathe I take knowing its keeping me from you
Knowing that you will never breathe again

Sarah Goldblatt

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