Shadowyn's poetry by Simi and Sarah


The teddy bear sat on the little girls bed
always watching silently
It was always there for her when she cried in the night
it was her soul comfort
Sometimes it wished it were alive
so that it could help the girl
that loved it so much
But it could never be real
all it could do was watch as she was broken
and be her only friend when she needed love
When bad things happened the teddy bear waited and was there for her
its worn out black button eyes were the only witness
to the horror of her life
Its fur was worn down and smelled of salt
from all the tears that had fallen onto it
The stuffing inside was flattened from all the love that it had received
this small teddy bear with its gentle face
was all that the girl had to call her own
It was unconditional in its comforting
and though the girl eventually grew up
the bear stayed the same
It never stopped being there for her
it never gave up hope
and she never did either

Sarah Goldblatt

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