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Your Shirt

The days are so long and lonely now that your gone
Our house has become more like a museum
Cold and silent
Everything exactly the way it was before
Your coffee cup still sits on the counter
Your shoes still lay by the door half askew
Nothings changed
I don't have the heart to move anything
Because if I do then it will mean your really gone
You favorite tie lies on the floor where you tossed it
And every night I fall asleep on your side holding your pillow clothed in your shirt
Your scent still lingers on these things
They keep you with me
Like its supposed to have been
We had forever or so we believed but it was all a painful lie
If only we had known
Maybe this would all just have been a bad dream
But its not and I cant wake up and be who I was
When you died I did too
Now all I do is go through the motions and cling to your presence
You'll always be in this house
A memory of happiness that I'll never have again
But at least I can have this little comfort
Soon I'll join you on the other side of eternity
And then our promise will come true
We will be together forever

                                                      sarah goldblatt

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Your Shirt

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