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Mom and the Hallowed Halls of Heaven

Mom is; in Heaven, today and for eternity.
Never again will Mom have to suffer from a seizure.
Never again will Mom ever fall as she did on earth.
Many things have been changed for Mom that are blessings from God.
I am most pleased to know Mom is there for all time and will never leave for she wouldn't want to do so.
Her love and prayers are for her family left behind.
Ervin and myself are the ones that she desires to next see reaching Heaven.
I do hope that some man will reach Ervin with the Gospel.
To help him turn his life around for the Lord is my very wish.
I am most glad to say that I have trusted Jesus to save me for I believe His Word and asked Him to save me years ago.
It is for all time though I have not done the things I should have done and did some things I shouldn't have.
God's mercy is so very genuine and freely given.  
I don't have to wonder or wander anywhere looking for absolution.
It is found; in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Praise the Lord for Mom's believing in God for He has honored it.
Mom is looking forward to spending the eons of time with her family all collectively there where she will never have to leave again.
(© Poeticbearlovestowrite 2016-4-19)

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