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Got my Dictionary of Quotations,

The Greek Myths of Robert Graves,

Plutarch for beginners’

How The Ancient World Behaves;


Back at the Paranoia Poetry Club,

Local Intellectual Branch

And that collection of books

Might just give me a chance

Of understanding the words and

What on earth they’re talking about

Because the first time I went 

I understood precisely nowt.


Must spoke with cultured voices, 

Some rambled and some muttered,

Word following word following word

Crammed and packed and cluttered.  

But all spoken with confidence

About what they felt mattered

And, my ignorance being exposed,

I sat both deflated and shattered


I’ve got the book of Popular Philosophy

The Book of Modern Scientific thought

Gambling on the hope and presumtion

That wisdom can be bought.

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Paranoia Poetry Club Revisited