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FIrst Cut Of Spring


Our lawn has just survived

Its first cut of the year

I'm rewarding my effort with

A cold Weissebier

Supped from the neck

The bottle cool to my hand 

As I sit and look at

this little piece of land


And remember a childhood

On  East Riding flood plains

Lush playing fields in summer ,

Small lakes in winter rains

But now long Lush grass 

for long Hours of play

When it seemed to be sunny

Every single day


Sweet singing birds

Wild meadow flowers

Recalled to this day 

As enchanted hours

 Boy girl experiments

As we got older 

a little more curious 

 just a bit bolder


Experience that seldom

Got out of hand

Under very different standard

Those days in this land.

And I'm seeing this lawn

In my earlier life 

With my playing children

And sunbathing wife


Where have all

Those years gone

As, Almost unnoticed

Life has moved on

Now  with my beloved Sue

In our  more mature years

Sine with her cuppa

Me the occasional beers


When now at last we have time 

For summer days of leisure

Our  weed strewn worn lawn

Still gives so much pleasur

I daydrem and  wonder

How quickl yearspass

And how much pleasure came

 From sitting contemplating grass

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First Cut Of Spring