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I wonder these days

How Rosenfest is spent,

That wonderful weekend before 

The beginning of Lent.

In my time in Rhineland,even 

Sanctioned by authority above

It was celebrated by most

As a Festival of Free Love.

Wedding rings removed

Relationships unriven

By any indiscretions 

Which were easily forgiven.


Two years before that girl

With beautiful blue eyes

 Had been won by me

As a Poker game prize.

I'd refused her of course

Discretion prevailing in the end

And ever since then we three

Had been the greatest of friends.

But from time to time as

The months had passed by

I'd catch her looking at me

With a speculative eye.

I was leaving for England

My posting had passed;

Rosenfest again,

On this tour my last.

We were huddled up close

In a very smoochy  dance

And both bodies said

Let's seize this last chance.

The door from the dance floor

Stood there opened wide

And before I knew it

We were cuddling outside.


I think fate intended for us

To remain as just friends,

For this part of the story

Has such a very sad end.

She pulled quickly away

And to add to my hurt

She wretched and was sick

All down my shirt.

Each returned to the dance

 Through a different door

And our friendship continued

As it had been before.


Things are now changed 

Most standards are new

People more relaxed

In the things that they do.

The world is much smaller

Thanks to the net.

Some things are too different

I feel with regret.

And I sometimes wonder

How Rosenfest is now spent,

In those days of plenty 

Before the shriving of Lent.


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