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Tell her you love her

If you really love her tell her so, don't wait

Until it's too late, love may never forgive


...Go back to the moment you first set eyes on

The girl, think back to how stunned you were,

How your confidence instantly took flight. How

Could a woman of such beauty possibly wax

Lyrical about someone like you, run of mill, no

Money, no prospects to speak of and yet to your

Eternal surprise she overlooked all that, saw

Something in you that made her love you

And with all her heart too.


So what changed and when did you become

So cold of heart, so distant, and so lost for

A loving embrace?


Yes, life gets in the way, but love is bigger than

Life, and love continues even when life stops.

Lose her and you may regret it forever.


Act swiftly, recover the man she fell in love with,

Talk to her, hold her, touch where you haven't

Touched in a long time, little by little draw her

Back from the lonely and only place in which she

Finds comfort - the past.


In short, don't be afraid of affection, make time

To care, look forward to seeing her, be sincere,

Let your eagerness show and most important

Of all - tell her you love her.

© Joseph G Dawson