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With all this political hype, charges and counter charges
This back and forth of who said this and who has said that
They now Flood our airways on radio, TV and Internet 24/7

Have they all forgotten them? Those who gave their lives
The warriors gave up their futures so you could have yours
They are out there each day and night protecting all of us

These brave warriors who believe so deeply in our freedom
These true patriots who always care more about you and yours
While in return people give them little or no thought at all

And what about their wives and children they leave behind here
Who see how much apathy that abounds in this our nation today
They see the three ring circus their loved ones have died for

Everyone here goes about life as though nothing has happened
Do any of them comprehend the fact that we are at war everyday
That America's enemies truly want you and your families dead

Just how blind and mindless can you all be back here at home
Is it only because the fanatics aren't setting off IED's here
That you can't or won't comprehend that terrorist do exist

You listen to all of this hot air expelled from politicians
We'll be better off with Democrats rather than Republicans
But on the other side they say that they are better for us

If that's true then ask yourself this very simple question
Why in the hell haven't they taken care of America's needs?
Why hasn't either political party done anything at all for us?

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Regardless of all the speeches that have been given by all these so
called dedicated politicians during these last 7.5 years, they still
have done absolutely nothing at all for our nation or our citizens.
They just continue to tell us voters to vote for them and not any of
those other candidates because only they can help us but first they
need us to give them another term in office to get all the important
work done to help all of us Americans. But then after the people vote
them in for another term to their cushy high paying jobs they still do
nothing for any of us except to continue to give us nothing except for
more and more hot air. I know that it is very disappointing to many
of us here in America that our own fellow citizens seem to forget that
these same politicians were totally oblivious to everything that had
happened during their last term in office and that they won't really
do anything during their next term in office either. They also always
forget those who have served our nation with great honor and loyalty
and that many of our young warriors do die everyday to protect us and
our freedom here at home. Remember when our own Ambassador and
three of his own security personnel died in Benghazi, Libya while back
here the political hacks in office refused to send them the help they
had needed while being attacked at our embassy there. They said they
just couldn't decide if it was a terroristic attack or just protesters
upset about some video they'd seen according to Hillary Clinton and I
still hear her words when she told a Senate hearing investigating the
attack that the protesters didn't really plan to kill any of our staff
or our own ambassador in Libya and when questioned further about it she
shouted out "What difference does it matter now". Are You Serious? If
they had pointed all of their freaking RPGs (rocket propelled grenades)
and their weapons at our people there at the embassy and then pulled
their triggers and fired the freaking weapons, then I am pretty sure
from my own combat experiences in war that I fought in that they had
meant to kill all of them, that's a very clear and simple fact of life.
And then over a year later we still hear on the morning news reports
that all of these politicians are still expelling even more and more
hot air and BS everyday that continues to keep on polluting our own
atmosphere here with their very old and tired rhetoric blaming each
others party for nothing getting done in Washington DC claiming that
this person said this or the other guy said that and still nothing
ever gets done there in Washington DC. They all have claimed that they
really do care about America and especially "We The People" her own
citizens, but then the situation here at home never changes and still
is growing worse every day and our economy is getting very bad with
each day that passes by. I don't like nor do I believe any of these
career lifetime politicians or their own political parties or what
any of them say anymore, I will continue to pray for our own nation
and for it's recovery and I will go vote next in the 2016 elections
but I won't vote for a certain political party as most now do, I'll
vote only for those who have a proven record of doing the job that
they are elected to do for our nation and for the futures of our own
children and especially for our grandchildren. It's because I've seen
what has been done in the last 7.5 years by the so-called chosen one
who leads us now and all of his Czars and all those other political
hacks that he has running things here in America. I'll vote and I'll
hope we do get the real changes we were promised but never received at
all from all of those politicians who have failed our nation and our
own citizens completely each and every election cycle. So now after
seeing all of their failures at leading our nation and our citizens
I can only ask this simple question of my fellow citizens. What part
of the reality can't you all seem to grasp or understand as to how
you got and you keep your very own freedom? It sure wasn't any of
these promise everything and then do nothing politicians that got and
who preserve your freedom for you or your own family. It was our very
brave and our dedicated warriors who've always answered freedom's call
and fought in all of these wars and battles that got your freedom for
you and your own family, so in the future if you really want to see
all of those changes that our nation truly needs, the next time you go
and vote you should do it for our country and for your own family first
and not to just reelect all of these same do nothing politicians who
sit back and collect all their personal rewards and their own cushy
kickbacks from all of those special interest groups who fund all of
these political hacks in their reelection bids to return them all
back to their lifetime cushy jobs for as long as they want as long
as they vote as their special interest sponsors want them to vote.
Put America and all of her citizens and especially your own family
first instead of choosing to tow any political party's line BS.

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