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Saying My Piece About Writing Here

choking up some
vomitous prose
for mass approval

is akin to going to
a therapist you find
disagreeable and
manipulative to the
absolute nth degree

its not going to work
for me

this person is the kind
with one eye on the clock
her mind on the next appointment
a telltale inability to focus
nor discern which clients
issues are currently being

she doesn't care
and guess what you will write
for an audience who doesn't care
from time to time as well
and who will not listen
because they don't care
or are incapable
or are too self-involved

this is no reflection
upon you
it is a reflection upon them

(I am using the therapist anecdote
to illustrate my point. And I do have one.)

Now there are folks here who are function
and spelling specialists. We have apps for
that. Creativity goes much further than
that. Inventiveness and a willingness to
try new forms and present different
ideas and be brave in presenting one's
feelings counts more in my book than
perfect spelling and punctuation.
Put away your red pen.

Several poets have left our sparse
community due to this rather ungenerous
spirit. I used to see a lot more of
my friends here on line...I don't see
them here as often. I am beginning to
think I see a pattern that can be changed...
I think, though most of us are pretty good
about that stuff, being encouraging and

We were all beginners at one time. Some of
us have Journalism Degrees, etc...some of
us have had careers in writing. This site
is for people of all levels of ability.
I respect that and the fact that a place
like this exists.

Okay...this will only be here a short while...
it isn't a poem. Just saying my piece.

Addendum: No one has hurt me here. As no one
can hurt me without my permission. What I am
stating is this...that many promising poets
and long-time poets have left because of
pettiness. Various types of pettiness. There
is no place for that here in my opinion and
yes I am sharing my opinion, unsolicited or not.
The world can be a pretty judgmental place.
Let us put away the baloney and claptrap here
and support one another. If you don't understand
what I am saying...think about emotional intelligence
that is what most of use to write our poetry...
not just regular intelligence. So use your
heart when dealing with people here.
The Golden Rule is a great way to go people.

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