Walkin on Air

Horror's Illusion

Now who will be the Midnight Queen
revealed to us on Halloween?

Blood-curdling tales herewith abound
that make your heads spin round and round.

Let thus my own peculiar story
unfold a most bone-chilling, gory
account of such as happened to me,
but close your eyes so you can see:

Danger! Keep out! Screams the sign!
Through the hedge I slip into the yard,
Madonna's Statue adorns a shrine,
along a passage goblins guard.

Gnarled branches entwine the way,
a wise old owl sits on lamp;
shudders rake my soul, I must say,
the ground is soggy, moist and damp.

Into a gorge exits the path,
ending at solid enormous Gates
set in rock-walls with turret wrath,
behind which a mighty chateau waits.

Green ghosts zips by and light tar-torches
up the road to the castle port;
clouds break, Moonlight a picture forges
forbidding entry to Samhain's Court!

Lord of the Dead guards day and night
his secret chambers' sanctity,
evil employs to muster fright
delights in fear's insanity.

Gaily he devours human flesh,
who dares approach this cannibal lair:
incubates in this Earthly crèche
the one who is the Devil's heir!

Affright, I doubt what risk can lurk;
quick of mind, I am pure in heart:
strength streams from Elevens Lovelight Kirk,
the illusion is torn apart.

Life's guardhouse brightens up the dark,
my short vision now sees afar;
love and faith left on me their mark:
trick or treat in search of a candy-bar!

by Oraculus on October 27, 2015.  © All rights reserved

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Horror`s Illusion

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