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A beautiful thought

I do not ask for beauty, nor do I ask for brains,

But if I could have a girl with a good heart then I

Would be mightily satisfied. My faults are many

But I do not wish to endlessly hear of them, far

Better the sound of a kettle or a pan as I tip my

Pay packet into her apron.


I do not ask for riches nor do I seek fame, but if

I could have a wife who loves me for who I am

Instead of who I might have been than my wish

List would be complete. I have made so many

Mistake in my life I've lost count, yet the number

Of woman who have really loved me has yet

To reach two.


I do not ask for power nor do I seek sway over

Other men, but if I could have the admiration of

A good woman then I would have good cause to

Rejoice. Being alone in this world is not good for

A man, it makes for anger that is neither justified

Or necessary when all I want is a warm bed and

A warm heart. Thus, I pray God, that somewhere

Out there she is waiting for me to find her or

Perhaps even - looking for me - now there is a

Beautiful thought…


© Joseph G Dawson