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Youth Is wasted on the young
But what the hell
I remember being young,
So very very well.
Young and daft 
And full of drink
We never bothered 
To stop and think.

We were off to Bolivia
Old Simpson and me,
Off to fight with Che,
To set the peasants free.
Young, idealistic and drunk
A pledge that seemed so right
Had lost much of its allure by
Next dawn's sober light. I 
We were going to Boliva 
Then Simpson fell in love,was 
A believer might just say
An intervention from above.
Che was betrayed by
Those he fought to free.
We'd have been long dead
With him Old Simpson and me.
I miss my old friend
Now so sadly passed
But out in those jungles
How long would we last.
But, what is youth for
If not for wild schemes,
For howling the moon and 
Dreaming crazy pipe dreams.

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