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Hobo Heaven


Is there a part of heaven

Of endless railroad tracks

And convoys of boxcars

Travelling forth and back

With ever open doors

And welcoming insides

Ready for a hobo to

Jump aboard for a ride.


No bullwhip wielding guard

Minding the company way

Beating all and sundry off

If they couldn't pay

Just a regular passage 

Of a long freight train 

Moving placidly through 

An endless sprawling  plain.


Time to sit and smoke

watch the world drift by

Lazy and content under 

An endless summer sky

Maybe every so often

A trackside shanty town

So as the train slows

A man can jump down,


Mingle with fellow travellers

Around a flickering blaze

Share a communal meal

Talk of pleasant days

Until with the morning sun

And after a little wait

Hop another boxcar on

Another slow moving freight.


With no real destination

No schedule to meet

Just satisfying the need

Of a pair of itchy feet.

Is this a hobo heaven,

An endless railroad track

Travelling through paradise  

Riding trains forth and back.




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Hobo Heaven