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19th November 19th, 1916

One hundred years ago

Did the day dawn with relief

As they sat in their trenches:

Was it mixed with angst and grief.

After one hundred and forty one days

Did the battle suddenly end
Was there a strange silence

To be greeted as a friend.

Did the Tommies even know

The conflict was finished

Was their despair

In any way diminished.

Did the battle abruptly stop

Or did it slowly peter out
In the end did anybody really

Know what it was all about

Was there an air of resignation 

Did they have a day of rest

Or did they just accept

The coming day's test.

One million dead

Counting on both sides

But death in battle 

Doesn't really take sides.

All that pain and suffering

Every single Somme day:

The result was indecisive

Or so the Historians say

Just a single battle

In that futile Great War

Which just carried on for nearly

Two years and many deaths more.

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November 19th, 1916