The Unfairness Of Angels

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~~Bartram's Friday 13th insurance ~~

It's Friday the 13th today
When luck becomes a castaway
A day to avoid running with scissors
And smashing things, especially mirrors
You could stay in behind closed doors?
Or escape to an island across distant shores?
Build a bunker and live underground
Or hire bodyguards for 1000 pound
Build a moat in your backyard
And get a dragon to stand guard
Yet the best advice I can recommend
Is to email me your bank details and press send
Because for a undisclosed fee
I'll make this day 'trouble' free
I'm a luck specialist, I'm paramount
And as soon as the money is in my account
I'll make the day go real quick
I can't tell you the magic trick
But rest assured you'll be fine
In about 9hrs time
Pay now for total reassurance
At 'Bartram' Friday 13th insurance'

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~~Bartram`s Friday 13th insurance ~~