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                            “The Coward”
He was always,
The last to know,
To find out,
To understand.
The others tried to warn him,
Point out the subtle signs,
Even give him bolder,
Straight forward hints,
To help lead him away from her.
But his eyes just wouldn’t open,
He couldn’t see the truth,
Or wouldn’t see it,
Same result either way.
He’d go back to her each time,
To a promised change,
A new promise,
To an old lie.
He was the better man,
Able to move past her mistake,
Forgive her unjust action,
He told himself this again,
And again.
But it wasn’t forgiveness,
He was giving her,
It was weakness.
Unable to stand up,
To her indiscretions,
He took the coward’s way out,
And just forgave her.
He knew he would never,
Be able to,
Truly admit the truth.
As he dried her apologetic tears,
And comforted her “I’m sorrys”,
With his own soft words,
Of compassion and console.
Feeling sorry for the pain,
He has caused her,
By becoming aware,
Of her lies and deceit.
He holds her closely,
Waiting for her crying to stop,
Vacillating between,
Pity for her,
And disgust for himself.
He looks over at the table,
As he continues to hold her,
And can see her cell phone,
Silently lighting up,
With an incoming call.
He just closes his eyes,
And holds her tighter.
Tonight won’t be any different,
Then any of the others,
He won’t become a man tonight,
Instead he’ll die,
The death of a coward,
For the 1,000th time…
  Tom Allen…02-11-2017…