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Dear Emmanuel

Dear Emmanuel

Dear Emmanuel

You don't know who I am
I only know your name
That is of no real consequence
I feel I know you just the same

Your Mommy has told me all about
The person that is you
She is very ... very ... proud of you
And you know what . . . I am too

You dream to swim with Dolphins
To be set free within their call
How can a heart so beautiful
Feel rejected by us all

A child's heart should not feel broken
Because of the stark reality
That an illness is the only difference
Of your heart and who are we

Even we who say we are all grown up
Sometimes fail to understand
The fragility of the human heart
Can be broken by our hands

I just want to say to you
That everything will be okay
Your heart will not always weep
With this hurt that comes in waves

To tell you I am so sorry 
Does not take the hurt away
So I dropped in to talk to you
For just a little while today

I pray that you will continue
To dream of freedom's flight 
A wish is just a star away
When you do not fear the night

In your dreams I hope you realize
That wishes really do come true
Someday you will be rewarded
Just for the person that is you

For now please try to understand
For a dream to find its start
We must always keep the gift of love
Held deeply in our hearts

When some days you feel lonely
And left out by the rest
Remember . . . 
It is those who hold you different
That are the ones less blessed

You stand with love within you
To freely give to all
It is they who miss the whisper
That does not hear the heart that calls

Not everyone can own a heart
That loves above the rest
Guard yours very carefully
Because now is but just a test

A test is never easy
It can most times seem unfair
To pass it within love unyielding
Will bring you joy beyond compare

I wish you many rainbows
And dreams that all come true
To me ...
You are so special
Just as the person that is you

I pray that you will one day
Swim with Dolphins Emmanuel

Emmanuel's mother and I, were friends on another poetry page
many years ago. Emmanuel, was mentally handicapped and the kids
at school were brutal and took every opportunity to make her cry.

I was told by her mother that Emmanuel's handicap was minimal.  
She fully understood that the other kids were being hurtful on
purpose, but did not understand the why

She dreamed to swim with Dolphins
I wonder ....
Did she ever have her dream?

Emmanuel was eight years old in the year 2007
I found myself wondering of her tonight after watching
a documentary on Dolphins.

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

First posted
In the year 2007

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