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The Six Pack Ranch
on Rodeo Bend

Near the old barn
five men stood at new crackling fire
cowboy hats and Levi jackets
hands tucked deep
in worn belted jeans 

Long neck beers
within easy reach
two young dogs huddled
under rotten shingles
cold clear night in clear East Texas

Six Pack ranch
lay off the road
called Rodeo Bend
on most Sundays locals came to play
and ride their old ponies

A small East Texas town
houses sit on cinder blocks
everyone poor
6 miles off farm road 646
A happy place the Six Pack ranch

Standing near the fire
five young men drink beer
they work the ranch
for old Miss Williamson
A texas ranch on Rodeo Bend

TC, Spoon
James, Cotton
and me
It's 1951, so come back
and visit us soon

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The six pack ranch on rodeo bend

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