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I would die for my paper on the screen
Do a drive by lookin' for free WiFi
It's obscene
I'd lie down and say the world is mean
For my blankety blank blank NOTEPAD CLASSIC

Take a bullet for the keyboard feelin' me
Do some cussin' make a million be an OG
Not give a blankety blank blank
Because I'm a rapper and I'm free
For my blankety blank blank whitey

Write a song about how I'm rich as blank
Get a 100 babes with fake boobs in their tanks
Tap that keyboard write more poems
Push up on that SAVE BUTTON
Like I intimately know 'em
Take my shirt off and show 'em
For my blankety blank whitey

Get off my flat white backside and do some walking
Take the lead out and rush it talking
Grab my crotch like I'm a gangster man
For my blankety blank blank whitey
Who will understand

For my blankety blank NOTEPAD CLASSIC
With it's purple band
There up above
Menu I love
The circles there
They seem to care
Just as I care
When I see you there

My blankety blank whitey
Can see you in the nighty
As your skin color is blinding
It's only to be reminding
That I'd die for my MFing NOTEPAD CLASSIC
That I'd do a drive by for my blankety blank whitey
Wrong or right
I'd even lie
For my blankety blank whitey
For my blankety blank blank whitey

Old lady nurses shouldn't cuss
They were trained to be polite and
Make a fuss about what they say
And what they write
So I have to just say
My blankety blank whitey tonight

To compose a rap poem
Somehow in tune to his rendition
Of his song
Drooling over
When I looked at his pectoral muscles too long
He turns be on and I must agree
When I heard MIRRORS
It touched something in me
That will never be the same
My blankety blank Tunechi
Is the blame

I cannot even say the words he said and make a million
Write hundreds of poems don't get one penny for 'em
But I still write
My bullet can sting
Praises I bring
When someone's touching
The inside of my old white lady soul
Then I will roll and roll and roll
To to my blankety blank whitey
My writey tighty
About a man who isn't white
One who can cuss and feel alright
One who I can think of fondly
Even though he has a wife and family
He's my inspiration for this poem
Laughing his ass off way down South
He's got his class on
While I'm a big mouth
That's gonna write for my
Blankety blank whitey or anyone who will listen
Because my name is Candace and it means to glisten
To illuminate my whitey whitey whitey self
Out into the world
While inside my mind I'm hurled
Into a fantasy of me
Being Marvin Gaye's nurse
When the Good Lord sets me free
Givin' Marvin my tender loving care
He knows I'm black inside from up there
He doesn't see it as racist
And he understands
All I've mostly known is whitey whitey whitey
And that's who I am
While inside I feel the soul of
People from a different clan
They seem more open
Held down like me
But still make their stand
By being who they are
And caring
Like President Obama
Good things with the poor
Helping us out
With mercy
Not just a big rough voice that shouts
I'm here and now I'm taking everything away
I don't care if your sick or a woman or your ready to go away
I'll make sure you can't afford a funeral
Because poor people I'm here to burn you
Don't care if you worked all your life
I lived like I'm a King with my Queen life
And you old girl are not good enough to scrub our toilets
You're not New York and don't you show it
With your cowboy boots
Your truck
Your outlaw ways
Your state doesn't even count
When I got my way
To rule the world
To rule the land
You're woman
I'm man
So you're not worth much
In my eyes
Take it well
It's no surprise
That country folk are pigs to me
People I'd rather not see
They may be the backbone of this land
They better get on their knees and kiss my hand
The lowly men who bring us food
Their literally dirt
And I'm not rude
When I say someone has to do it
But not me
I'm too good
Screw it
Just do your little farm work
And go on
If I don't stop your wheat from being exported
Then you're gone
With a low price per bushel
I'll step on
Anyone's toes who doesn't agree
I'm the King
And you're all peasants to me
You need
Too bad
Get off your backside
Lassies and Lads
No more food banks
Boys and girls
No more free phones
That program swirls
Down into the gutter
Where you're gonna go
If you don't make the line
If you don't tow
Yourself out of poverty
There is no free lunch anymore
The old can starve
Grandma become a whore
Because the meals she got for free
Helped her buy her medicine
It's back to food or drugs
Deciding which
Is just no fun
Start diving in dumpsters
If your arthritis allows
It's America
At least you're free old gals
Writing poetry
When you feel more like Weesie inside
Than a blankety blank blank whitey
Who changes up a song
Just for the fun
It's free she's poor
And although she's a
Blankety blank whitey
She is more
Than just the color of her skin
Not be a whore
To sell myself out to those with the money
Because prefer I starve
Well I'll starve honey
If it makes the
Blankety blank whitey with the power
Just leave me along
Give me peace in my old hour
Give me a home
Even if it's a shack
It is my solace
Where no one tells me what to do
And I can cuss
Unlike in poetry
Where it ain't so fit-tin
I'm be here on Notepad classic smitten
With the blankety blank whitey on the screen
Trying to be Jesus like but way more mean
Because she is a sinner
And she don't understand
How a racist blankety blank whitey
Came to rule the land
The land I love
The God above
I bet he wonders too
He'll see me through

Till I am gone
Off to heaven to write him a praises song
It'll not be long
But while I'm here I'll see
How many poems I can get out about liberty
The kind that may be taken
From an old blankety blank whitey woman any day
Because she writes what she thinks in a way
That some may not like
Others may hate
But she
s going to keep on writing before it's too late
To say the things she thinks about
To make news of taking of our liberties
We all are blankety blank slaves now
Now one of us free...

My six pack of honey dripping
Wishing you like the poem I've written
By an old white woman
With a curse
Of being up at night writing verse
A satire of one of the songs your in
I'm a whitey whitey woman
And your my Google Plus friend
That I'll love until I die
And the stories through
No lie
Obama's gone
My President I loved so long
With a good speech in his mind
He was good to me and kind
Now the day has come for repression
Poor people will live in depression
Old people will go to hell
With Obama gone I'm feeling ill
And there is no medicine
For what ails me
With a President as he
Hillary made mistakes
But I felt she is human
Instead we get this rich new man
To take us into a World War 3
It won't matter soon
As we'll all be debris
Put out like trash to be taken away
To be dumped in a dump today
So before I die
I thought you'd like to know
This old white woman loves you so
For the free speech you allow
I'll pray we all make it these next four years somehow
I'll pray for you
You pray for me
And the next time we vote for a President
May we see
The Democrats back in the action
As after four years with no satisfaction
I'll be lucky to be alive
He'll lock me away with my jive
Of writing poetry for the injustice
Please oh God please trust us
That our hope is in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
My wish is that you hear it
The poetry from those down here
Who are poor, weak, and find you dear
That we are not forsaken
This whitey whitey woman
Will be achin'
To die for my MFing whitey
To cry for my poor people
Who are flighty
Who stay up late and write the songs
Because the world longs
For peace among-st the nations
Godspeed the hesitation
That the masses of poor are saying in a silent voice
Let's see what happens with the awful choice
That was bestowed upon our nation
Now sad, no elation
No speeches giving me hope
For this old whitey whitey woman
The world is mean
The answer is nope.

Spring, 2017 and 5/25/17 2300 cj

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