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If I Were Your  Island....


if I were your island
would you visit me?

is it
that I seem far off
distant, a little isolated...
could you brave the distance,
would you be my sea?

we  might crash into each other
say hello over and over
get to know one another...
I know I've been a loner
I've always been a bit shy
but I wouldn't be lonely if
you ventured on by

if you enveloped me in your current
came a little closer...
don't you
see how I am thirsty?

I like your music
there is richness
a tempting succulence
a tender wildness in your voice
betraying the rhythms of your secret heart

I could be your captive
while your ocean murmurs
long-long stream-lets of words
a lullaby of language
a symphony resurgent *

a reef surrounds me
its not a moat
its a bit jagged
maybe even
seeming somewhat distant, far-far away

I may be worn down in many places
yet there's lots of spaces
where the reef walls have broken down

I see how
your tides are wild and crashing
you see how
I am restless

your currents are strong
I'd like to test them
I long to feel your spirit
racing towards me
feeling you wash over me

I have been lonely
I know I've been an island,
but you are so brave
brave enough to come the distance
to see the island made of me

my shores are soft
the sands are cool
I am inviting...
if I said to you
I can be your island
would you travel the distance

I'd like be your harbor
you could anchor at my shoreline
you could be my bay
surround me with your sea.


written April 1 2015 7:15am PST
I listen to the sound of ocean waves at night
so maybe this is where this has come from
For B. Found scribbled down in a small purple notebook
and recently rediscovered. The date and time on the page.
legal copyright for this work/poem and also
for this author/writer Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

*.re-edited June 20th 2018/ with the avid well-trained
assistance and sharp ear of Buddy Bee Anthony, thank you!
he came up with "resurgent"

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