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Somewhere . . . You Are

I yearn to feel the warmth of your body next to mine
I await the beating of our hearts as we become one

Touch my face with the warmth of morning sunshine
Find my lips with the softness
Of a mother's kiss given her newborn

Where oh where
Are you tonight my love

Come to me upon the first glow of moonlight
Embrace my love within the cosmos of the stars

Take me to where love is never put aside for another
Lift me to where I have always yearned to be
Yet remains to be still from me so very far

Take me into your arms making all of life's hurts disappear
With the velvet of a rose dry the tears that I have cried

Ever so softly my mystic love
Heighten my senses with the gentleness
Of your lips upon my shoulders
Too long the pain of fearing love to depart

I will continue to wait for you a lifetime
Within a fantasy that shows only to me love's warmth

Wrap me tenderly in the arms
Of the one that will forever be mine

Somewhere . . .
I know you are

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Authors Notes

This was a personal challenge given to me many, many years ago now.
The picture and the music was given to me with the instructions
To try to bring my words a little sensuality. Totally outside my box.

I found the true challenge in the today was to try to bring this before
new friends after I could not bring it as it has always been.
One of those offerings that I played with so much
I may have left with no value at all. LOL

I hope I offended no one who took the time to read to the end.
I guess writing out of your comfort zone should tell you that is why
for me anyway, it always has to comes within a challenge given. Nine times
out of ten you realize that what is before you is not your cup of tea. I am always
up for a challenge so will usually give it a go.

Thank you for your time. Feedback always treasured.



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Somewhere . . . You Are