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He didn’t know,
What to make of it,
Was today different,
Or was she different,
Was she nicer,
Then she normally is,
Or was he just,
More aware today,
Than he was yesterday,
Of the polite comments,
She has been,
Throwing at him,
All day long.
He wants to tell her,
How much it means,
To him,
She takes the time,
Or notice,
To utter,
A few kind words,
But she wouldn’t,
How do you explain,
That it sends a surge,
A wave,
Of happiness,
Through him,
With each softly,
Spoken word.
Even now,
His own words,
Sound cheap,
Planted before her,
Like a trap,
Too big a response,
To a 3 to 4 word sentence,
Of thanks.
He decides,
To say nothing,
His spoken thoughts,
Only confuse,
And bewilder,
The recipient,
And leave him looking,
Like a rambling fool.
So he just,
Looks at her,
And smiles,
She looks back,
With a face of,
“What did I say?”
He says,
Still smiling,
Still looking at her,
“Nothing at all”…
     Tom Allen…06-14-2017…