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Seven Days A Week

Weekends used to be special,
Sundays a day of rest
That's really the way
I liked them the best.
Churches are  community centres
No longer just to pray and think;
You can watch a play, see a group,
Even buy a nice hot drink.
Shops  openmseven days
And in this mad commercial game
They've almost reduced the week
To seven days all but the same.
I stood on picket line for better
Worker rights, hours and pay
Now this seven day week seems
To have blown my efforts all away.
To me now it seems
Such a social crime
More and more I feel
A creature out of time.
I have had a happy life,
Lived it to the full
And the joys of living
Still exert their pull,
But I really miss those days,
Those days I loved the best
When weekends were special
And Sunday's a day of rest.
I see the world a changing
Can't imagine what's ahead
And I'm now beginning to think
It can't  be all that bad just being dead.

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Seven Days A Week