No Way Back

No Way Back June 7, 2017

No way back, the future is the way

Remember our past that's where it must stay

We will walk the road of freedom with bad days in mind

We have to do this for the sake of our mankind

We've all lost friends, we've carried the loss

Smiles we remember on that special goodbye day

We loved them so much, they just could not stay

Dream together, dreams come true

Gone forever it's now up to you

killed by the force, our struggle goes on

Think of the good times, remember the past

Resist the wrong, always say no

We're "gonna do it anyway" the only way to go

Tell your friends you love them, they could be killed someday

Together we can do this

No way back the future is the way

Remember the past that's where it must stay

Shame on the tyrants who invaded our life

Shame on the countries that took innocent life

Deaths on our shore, goodbye many more

we'll walk with our angels

Together for sure

Gerrard McGeachy

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