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We are called...

A candle in the wind.

Accepting God's pardon.

"A Candle in the night."

Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?

As the stomach turns


Lost websites

The time of our departure is almost at hand.

God's love is the only real answer.

Psalm of Worship and Praise!

I feel so sorry for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ!

David's Song of Praise!

Honor your Father and Your Mother

Welcome back poetry poem.

Fairest Lord Jesus

Psalm of Deliverance!

No adult material is not allowed on poetrypoem!

I will use larger fonts.


Be thou my vision

I saw the light!

Believe in your heart!

Satan has no more power over me!

Deliverance! Deliverance!

Dazzling White

Will I be ready for the coming of the LORD!

"Faith Can Move Mountains."

Kind-- Hearted Hand

Books of Remembrance

Happy New Years 2017

Sounds I like.

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I feel so sorry for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ!

On one of my sites I have rediscovered after several years, there is an agnostic person named Mark.
He does not only not believe in God, but he actively attacks the Christian faith. I am hereby requesting prayer for his immortal soul.
I have been busy editing and pinning my work on All Poetry and our sister site, Story write.  I have completed my few entries on Poetry Soup and Short Story.net.
I have pinned my poems for 3385 and 111 (my current site.)  I wrote an article, "I feel sorry for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ."

I have decided to write a somewhat of a poetic answer of that 3-minute story. They determine about how many minutes it will take to read a submission. Yes, they do accept poetry!

Honestly, most of my life has been misspent either
feeling sorry for myself, or some one else.
It was until I began reading submission of people
such as you.  Not only do believe God does not exist,
but the wicked will win in the end.  The good people
will cease to exist.

Obviously, you possess an excellent deductive intelligent mind.
Even if you were mentally deficient, you would not be wasting my time.
You hate the police enough to wish them dead. I am editing the words you said.
You believe they should be killed!  Just because some police officers make critical mistakes.  Does not mean they need to be erased!
There is such a thing as Internal Affairs, and the Due Process of our legal system
to weed out bad police officers!  Do not declare an open warfare against them!
I will say I feel sorry for you and promise to pray for your salvation too!

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
aka Roxy 54/ October Country
poet 3385/111
August 01, 2017

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I feel so sorry for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ!



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