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Within The Land Of My Dreams


Come . . .
Join me in my dream

Within this dream, a subconscious desire for peace and beauty.
A daydream of sorts, transporting me to a place
wished for secretly within my heart.

Upon a cobblestone path a horse-drawn carriage
travels the streets of a simpler day and time.
There are no cars rushing to meet the destiny of their day,
nor is there haze to block the brilliance of the sun.

Releasing combs of ivory, my hair falls softly to my shoulders.
The gray of today, replaced with the beauty of yesterday.

Brushing the ground as I walk,
my gown of pink satin and white lace
seems to whisper

enjoy . . . .
this is your time.

For this brief moment
This . . . .
is your reality.

I stand within a garden of beautiful flowers.
Their beauty of such magnificence,
I hesitate to touch the velvet of their petals
for fear they will fade from my sight.

Scattered amongst boulders, of black and gray,
they leave their fragrance upon the summer breeze.

As in my youth, the worries of today
no longer have a place within
a heart that is free to dream.

I enjoy the landscape I have now found to be of such comfort.
Majestic Weeping Willows bend gracefully
to touch the shoreline of a lake of emerald blue.

I watch as children skip stones upon the face of the water
and swim joyfully within its cool depths.

Swans glide effortlessly upon its clarity.
Their beauty enhanced only by the reflection of themselves
swimming within the ripples left behind by the children's play.

The Willows whisper, ''Do not forget this place.''

Dressed in the period of the day, are the people of my dream.
Figures walking silently within the beauty of the moment.
A hand lightly placed within the hand of another.

Our eyes meet as we pass.

Soulful . . . . kind . . .
they seem to beckon me
to stay within this place of solitude.
It is understood that to remain
in this field of dreams
there are to be no spoken words.

I wonder what has brought them here.
Are they Dream Walkers, such as I?
Was this also to be their place of quiet retreat?

The veil of unconsciousness that transported me here is lifting.
I know I must awaken to face the reality of the day
and somehow keep reaching for the promise of tomorrow.

Thank you for being a part of my fantasy.
I wish for you , the peace and beauty
that this Dream Walker has found
within the magic of a dream.

May you carry with you in your reality
every dream that has made you smile upon awakening.

A dream is a wish your heart makes?
I wish for all of you my friends,
happiness always
and the joy of a beautiful dream.

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Feedback Treasured
Brought to Poetry Poems
August 14, 2017

This write has been edited over and over again throughout the
years. It was my very first attempt at writing. Thinking of course it was
wonderful, LOL, I submitted it to an AOL site entitled have your writing
critiqued. They tore me to shreds. LOL So much so, that I felt I should not
even attempt to write on a brown paper bag and did not
try again for many years.

If it had been constructive criticism, even all those years ago, it would have
been less hurtful, and accepted. This was mean and nasty deliberate.
Someone having fun at the expense of another. I know it was not good. Heck
it could be much better as it stands today.

We all have to learn and gain confidence and inspiration, and we do that by
being a part of a poetry home. Feedback is such a very important part of the
growth of a writer. That is why I treasure each feedback I receive as well
as the friendships I have made on my journey. Have a good week everyone.

Origonal By Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel



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Within The Land Of My Dreams

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