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Continue steadfastly in prayer,
Remember prayers of thanksgiving;
Take account in goodness to share,
Within your faith while living.
Pray that God will give us a chance,
To speak the Word telling of Christ;
On the mystery to advance,
The reason He was sacrificed.
As a prisoner of the Lord,
All because of this mystery;
I cannot let it be ignored,
How it affects my history.
Pray that I may make this as clear,
For this is what I have to do;
Since I know that the end is near,
And must make others to construe.
Walk in wisdom open your eyes,
Be wise in the way that you act;
Enable to see through a disguise,
Whether if it is fake or fact.
All things that you say should be kind,
As well as being well thought out;
Remain calm by easing your mind,
Shedding any form of doubt.
We are working through the wisdom,
That is providing the comfort;
For the goal of God and His Kingdom,
As part of the sacred concert.
I always pray deeply for you,
And continue to be mature;
Completely convinced what is true,
Being sincere down to the core.
I assure you that I work hard,
That the true Word of God gets out;
And never letting down my guard,
Or the shedding of any doubt.
May the will of God be with you,
Remain as a servant of Christ;
Following Him in all you do,
So you can never be enticed.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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