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I listen to the rain drops fall effortlessly
on my rooftop. cuddled up in a warm
blanket with a good book propt.

Suddenly a bright flashed before my
eyes followed by a loud crackling boom.
I found myself sitting in a pitch black room.

fortunately I was prepard for such an event
having nearby matches and the candles,
a present a friend had just sent.

My arms stretched out in front of me with
my fingers being my guide I made my way
through the room and reached the other side

As I opened my desk drawer I could swear
I heard the nob turn on my door and foot
steps walking across my bedroom floor.

I lit the candle bringing a soft glow
I was startled to see a faint figure resembling
a person I had once known.

I blinked my eyes a few times in disbelief
could it be my daughter? It sure looked like
a possibility yet how could it be?

The figure moved closer and reached out for
me saying I'm sorry I unexpectedly left you
and I have come to tell you I am okay.

Before I could say a word the lights flickered
and then stayed on, I looked around the room
hoping the figure was still here, but it was gone.

Sadness ran through my veins and vision blurred
from rising tears. Had it been my imagination or
was my daughter really here?

I blew out the candle and returned to my book.
I looked out the window watching the rain fall
effortlessly on it's pane.

My heart weighed heavy and let out a sigh, thinking
I best say goodnight. I turned down the blankets
and climbed into bed

I smelled a fragrance I hadn't for some time, turning
my head to the pillow next to me there laid a beatiful
gardenia my daughters favorite.....

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A Winter Gardenia