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A Winter Gardenia

I listen to the rain drops fall effortlessly
on my rooftop. cuddled up in a warm
blanket with a good book prompt.

Suddenly a bright flashed before my
eyes followed by a loud crackling boom.
I found myself sitting in a pitch black room.

fortunately I was prepared for such an event
having nearby matches and the candles,
a present a friend had just sent.

My arms stretched out in front of me with
my fingers being my guide I made my way
through the room and reached the other side

As I opened my desk drawer I could swear
I heard the nob turn on my door and foot
steps walking across my bedroom floor.

I lit the candle bringing a soft glow
I was startled to see a faint figure
resembling a person I had once known.

I blinked my eyes a few times in disbelief
my daughter? It sure looked like
a possibility yet how could it be?

The figure moved closer and reached out for
me saying I'm sorry I unexpectedly left you
and I have come to tell you I am okay.

Before I could say a word the lights
flickered back on, I looked around hoping
to find her still here, but she was gone.

A deep sadness over came me and my vision
blurred from rising tears. Had it been my
imagination or was my daughter really here?

I blew out the candle and returned to my
chair stared out the window while the rain
fall effortlessly on it's glass and pane.

My heart weighed heavy and l let out a sigh.
Suppose its time I say goodnight, climbed
in to bed and about to turn out the lights...

I smelled a fragrance I hadn't for some time,
turned my head to the pillow next to me, the
most beautiful gardenia my daughters favorite.

I miss you Amber

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A Winter Gardenia



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