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Your steps are directed,
Directed by the Lord;
And if not defected,
Delights if you adored.
You will not fall headfirst,
Since the Lord holds your hand;
As He quenches your thirst,
If you heed His command.
Maybe I had been young,
But now I have grown old;
Once carefree with my tongue,
As experience told.
I saw not the righteous,
To go begging for food;
Not allowed by conscience,
Ever to become rude.
He is so generous,
Lends freely a blessing;
A life so glamorous,
Think of the depressing.
Avoid evil, do good,
You will live forever;
Doing as the Lord would,
So your bonds not sever.
For the Lord loves justice,
So never abandon;
Any righteous practice,
Developed by His Son.
Keep them safe forever,
So evil is cut off;
For what you endeavor,
Though the wicked may scoff.
The Law is in your heart,
So your feet do not slip;
Each time that you impart,
As it flows from your lip.
Wait for the Lord with hope,
As you follow His path;
Persevere as you cope.
So you avoid the wrath.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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