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The message that you have heard,
Love each other from the start;
As stated within the Word,
That you should commit to heart.
Never try to be like Cain,
He was the evil brother;
Causing family much pain,
By murdering another.
Why would Cain do such a thing?
Was he being envious?
Approval that God did bring,
Unto Abel as studious.
We have passed from death to life,
Because we love believers;
While heathens give us strife,
Like Cain are not receivers.
The person who does not grow,
In love will remain in death;
Because in Christ do not know,
Of life after their last breath.
Anyone who ever hates,
A sister or a brother;
Will find locked heavenly gates,
For murdering another.
Murder is the same as hate,
And not have life eternal;
For hatred will seal their fate,
In the scorching infernal.
We understand of the love,
When we realize what Christ gave;
The Father sent from above,
For saving us from the grave.
So that means what we must give,
Our lives to our brothers;
So they are able to live,
As believers to others.
Think not that the world hates you,
We show love that is sincere;
Through the actions that are true,
And righteous to persevere.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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