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Insatiable Beast

It was not that long ago most women had no
choice. Even to this day and age live in fear
and stoned to death for daring to have a voice.

It's more than a shame they bare a woman's name.
Born into the hands of men barbaric and inhumane.
How much can a person take and not go insane?

Their wars and bloodbaths as if that gives them rank
Standing above in their victory while below them the
dead bodies of innocent women and children stank.

Power is quite deceiving giving merit for cruelty to
exist. Taking what does not belong to them in
arrogance, next to impossible to resist.

Nations rise and fall history provides to show us all.
Appears nothings learned from the past, only more
efficient war machines in hopes to be rid of at last.

Yeah real smart when discovered there is nothing left
After the greed for power, that insatiable beast devours
everything. But then, it will be its inevitable last feast.

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Insatiable Beast