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Michael's watching Susan who's
Watching Peter who's watching me
For we all watch each other now
In this land of the free.
With smart phones ever ready
We take every chance we've got
Fingers ready to snap
That essential little shot,
And we post them on Instagram
And then again on Facebook
Put  there so cyber friends
Can take a voyeuristic little look.
Firemen and police
At  emergencies every day
Constantly have to cope with
Photographers getting in the way.
Tragedy or comedy
Matters of life or death
There's an intrusive camera
To film even a last breath.
Nothing is too sacred in this era
Of instant communication
Out with the little smart phone
To catch any situation.
But we complain about speed
Cameras and closed circuit TV
For how dare those in power even
Think  of watching you and me.
It's a strange new world
Social Media friends who
Never ever meet
Wouldn't know each other
If they passed on the street
And every body's a paparazzi
And so many just don't care
The result of their actions
Can be  anger and despair.
So, James is filming Mark
Who's secretly dating Rita
Michael's watching Susan
Who's filming Alice and Peter.

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