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Stand up for Ol' Glory

I see men kneel when our flag waves, as if it's some oppressive weight,
They claim it is no disrespect, and their motives are pure of hate.
I say intentions matter little, but actions and perception far more,
And if you truly honor our country and flag, let Ol' Glory soar!

Stand up proudly with humble heart, and honor our fallen brave,
Who gave their all to defend our shores, and let Ol' Glory wave!
You prate of freedom to share your views; from whence did that freedom come?
From the sacrifices of your countrymen, you worthless ungrateful bum!

You who seek to twist and mock our national patriotic pride,
I think you had best find a hole in which to hide!
This nation is forgiving, and lenient to a fault it's true,
Yet we will not further tolerate disrespect for the red white and blue!

Your sense of entitlement does not play well on the national stage,
You had best beware lest your antics incite not support, but only rage.
The disgust invoked by your actions overrides your espoused cause,
Drowning out the feeble words which escape your stammering jaws.

Spoiled self righteous ingrates you are, and other words I might use,
To describe those lacking all respect, who would our anthem abuse.
Certes, injustice ever rears its ugly head, and combating it is worthwhile,
But your disrespectful actions conjure up only bile.

Be a man and show respect for the nation of your birth,
The greatest nation ever known on the face of this great earth!
While Ol' Glory waves and our anthem plays, try opening your eyes to see,
The united throng under anthem strong, not kneeling on bended knee.

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