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A Commuters Dare

I am not your leaning post!
I am not a piece of meat
For you to rub against & to stamp on my feet!

I am not an animal transported in cattle class
A bit of respect is all that I ask!

I am not that person to cut your eye after
To barge, push, be rude too, or swear at!

What is your problem?
You think this is a way to behave?
An anonymous character in a faceless crowd!

I get to work feeling abused & disrespected,
And yet my day has just begun!
Where have all the manners & respect gone?
Abusive people just carrying on!

I urge you commuters to just stop & think
To reflect on others views.

Imagine if you were blessed enough
With the ability to walk in my shoes.

Stop being impatient,
Stop being rude!

Take the time to think about what it is like in another persons shoes!

© by Wendy Roberts 06/06/2017

Think about what goes on behind the scenes
People's stresses and internal screams.

Stop and chill! stop and care!

For this is my commuters dare!!

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A Commuters Dare



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