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Just How Much II

Just How Much

Is the question you ask

I place my hand upon your chest

Look you deep in your eyes

As I explain why my heart gets no rest


You must understand you’re my main focus

It’s the reason I’m making an honest woman

Out of you Ms. 

Why of all the women in this world 

I’ll always and only choose you

Your emeralds which captivate my spirit 

Leading me beneath your beautiful

To an Empress who exudes characteristics

Which are immeasurable 

Along with you I’m also humbled

Just to witness your existence 

Enough to know you were more than worth the wait

By far the best choice I’ve ever made

You can check the statistics

Not the first 

Believe me when I say you’re the last

But Just How Much you ask again

Enough to give you all of who I am

Enough to be forever falling

Enough to give you all my love

Filling the universe to its’ brim 

Till the only one who surpasses you is Him

Enough to be your equal

To where you at your worst 

Doesn’t need to be compared to you at your best

I love you for you

Told you there wouldn’t be a final verse

Enough to if I can...your pain, your hurt 

your worries, all your burdens 

I’ll take them away and put them on my shoulders

Enough to never stop showing you your worth

To never stop praising the Lord

Cause I’m a huge fan of His Work

Enough to where I’ll never cease the effort

To keep a smile on your heart

That flutter in your chest

A gleam in your eyes

Never regretting a step

Enough to where

Everyday I thank God for us being so blessed

Enough to where

If I lose you in this life 

I’ll find you in the next

Doesn’t matter how long it will take


Just How Much 

Is the question I don’t hesitate to answer 

I place your hand upon my chest

Look deep into my eyes ....

See who mine reflect

See why my heart gets no rest


¥MOI¥  14 Oct 17


Where this is enough to and you're more than


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