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I stand at my picture window watching 
The leaves dance aimlessly, their Rhythm
Seldom yield...
The wind carries them across the field.
The Old Oak tree is becoming bare 
As her leaves surrender to the crisp
Autumn air.

Time to bring this yard to rest, 
clean it up for winter's test......
I take the leaves and pile them high,
We all know why the kids can jump
In, laughter all around,
many leaps and bounds.
Stacking leaves by the pound.

I remember doing much the same
When I was young and not so tame
That was a time when work was 
Fun, when work and play was one.

October days, and Halloween, a time
When Ghost and Goblins make the
Apple cider, jack-o'-lanterns, my black 
Cat I had to hide, the notorious hayride,
My brother and sister by their side.

Oh, by the way, the Witch next door,
Is the Queen this year, of Halloween.
She's always nice, never mean..
Hope you enjoy this season, be
Happy and safe for many reasons...

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