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Three generations, there have been
Ordained Ministers in our family.
Faith is the center of our lives!

I'm weary, weak, and meek, but
There is a strong faith that has
Carried me to this moment!

In the house of God, many voices
Lifted to Him, we were heard, his mercy
And Glory has touched the Man that was
Fading so quickly, Emergency surgery, saved
His life, it also saved his arms and legs!

This is a gracious, word of thank you for each 
And every prayer, said in his behalf, My heart
Is deeply touched, I am relieved, I know the 
Power of prayer. I witnessed it's power today!
My tears are the waters of peace tonight!

I Thank God for his guidance through this,
And your infinite mercy and love.

Many tears have filled my days and nights, 
Yet these tears are liberating and special, I
Truly see reflections of hope, and love in their
In the Dark hours of the night, hope, appeared,
And brought My Dearest Husband light..

Thank you Lord!!! All things are possible through
Your Grace...

10/ 27/ 17 our answered Prayers!

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Power of Prayers