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“The Sound”
It seemed like
a creak
from one of
the floor boards
down stairs
but was it?
The total darkness
seemed to amplify
every little sound
around her
eleven years old
and home alone
due to a sick
she knew it was
all in her head,
she heard it again
but closer now
it was just the
that caused her
localized one house
she could see
faint porch lights
from across the street
but it did very little
to light her room
just making the shadows
much more ominous
she listens very quietly
short shallow breaths
trying not to make a sound
she heard it again
not like steps
more like one step
then dragging its self
behind it
a long pause
and a another step
and then something
being pulled across
the downstairs floor
she knew where
the breakers were
in the basement
she had seen
her dad flip them
back on many times
but for her to do it
she would have to go
down the stairs
through the living room
then the kitchen
to get to the basement
and she wasn’t sure
but she thought the sound
was coming from the kitchen
she pulled the blankets
up to her neck
and tightly around her
she looked around
her bedroom
maybe she should
just hide from
whatever is moving
around downstairs
but if she moves
she’ll make noise
does it even know
that she is up the stairs
if it doesn’t
and it hears her
then what,
no cell phone
it had been taken away
for the weekend
due to poor grades
it’s probably best
just to stay still
and listen
the sound is getting
she can hear it
move up a foot
or two and then
drag something
across the floor
she can hear it now
scraping the wooden
living room floor
it can’t be human
people just don’t
walk like that
it moves closer
than scrape-----
her older sister had
told her a story
of a one legged
that only ate
the brains of
little kids
because it liked
young fresh brains
they tasted better
it had got its leg
pinned under a car
that had ran it over
and it chewed off
its own leg to get free
and when it walked
it took one step
and dragged its
chewed up leg behind it
the more she listened
she was sure
that had to be
what she was hearing,
scratchy dragging sound
it was almost across
the living room floor
it could only go
towards three places now
the front door
the garage door
or up the stairs
she holds her breath
as it decides which
way to go
and then she hears it
that familiar squeak
of someone or something
putting weight on
the bottom stair
and then a clank
the next step
and clank
she had counted
the stairs many times
there were 17 in total
another step then clank
by step number 15
she was shaking
in her bed
what if I played dead
then maybe the Zombie
wouldn’t bother to
come in to her room
wait did she close her
bedroom door
she quickly looks over
she can tell it’s open
a couple of inches
she knows she needs
to close it but she can’t
her face is covered
in a film of sweat
a large bead of sweat
runs down her cheek
and into her mouth
she can taste the salt,
it reached the top
of the stairs
she needs to close
her door right now
play dead
she is going to play dead
she’ll lie on her side
with her eyes open
if it looks like
its coming for her
then she still might
be able to run
what if it is to
horrible to look at
she might scream
maybe she should
close her eyes
no time to think
it is here
she lies on her side
eyes wide open
she can’t see the door
she holds her
breath again
she can hear something
its right outside
her door
why did it stop
does it think she
is dead
her door is opening
she can sense its presents
to late to change now
it pushes the door
wide open
the sweat is getting
in her eyes
she needs to blink
but she can’t
it will know she’s alive
she strains to keep
her eyes open
she sees something glowing
two red fiery objects
Oh my
it’s the demon eyes
of the zombie
she jumps up in her bed
just as the lights come on
to find “snowball”
the little family dog
standing before her
with its metal dog food bowl
sitting in front of her
her mom walks into her room
“We got home as soon as we could”
“Once the babysitter called”
“Your dad flipped on the breakers”
“Oh, look how cute”
“We forgot to feed little snowball”
“And she brought you her dish”
covered in dripping sweat
she just stares at snowball in disbelief
then looks at her mom
and says,
“I knew we should have”
“Got a cat”…
     Tom Allen…10-27-2017…