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Tender Company

Rain falls on all those sacred moments
That light your eyes into tender smiles-
Love and dreams come and go silently
But in your heart you feel a blossoming
Into a love that knows no bounds -
Through clouds the radiance of better days
Breaks through the seeming darkness
That will always pass with time.
I had seen your tears sparkling silver
And something tugged at my heart
As if I had lost a precious jewel
But I knew deep within my very heart
That beauty finds a soul that has hope
And love rises like a phoenix from the ashes.
Through the maze and confusion of life
We found each other at last
At the fifty ninth minute of the eleventh hour.
Just when all seemed to be lost.

Will you ever know how beautiful you are
The sunset in your eyes almost breaks my heart
I feel transience and yet the calm of eternity.
Love is like cherry blossom in springtime-
Precious and yet fragile in the winds of change
But the song of the soul always fills the air
With the melody of our most sacred moments
And we are joined in a communion of lovers.
Birds fly home to roost as evening comes
And I fly home to your tender company
Seeking rest behind the veil that hides you
From the eyes of those that do not understand
How wonderful you are at this moment
And this moment is forever and ever.

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Tender Company